Antispam Policy

Spammers Not Welcome Here.
Our private AIOP teambuild as well as All In One Profits® company, has a ZERO TOLERANCE FOR SPAM. All SPAM complaints are taken seriously.
You already know that spamming is bad. As an email recipient, you know it when you see it. But spam is not only an email action.
Has so many forms. SPAM is a negative form of advertising and is HIGHLY disliked within the Internet community. You can read more about what spam is at Spamhaus. The most common form is UBE-Unsolicited Bulk Email. BUT, many things are not UBE and considered spam by most people, including by us.
Here are ONLY some things we consider spam and don`t agree with, but they are more :
* Send email to people who have not specifically requested that information from you.
* Use email lists that you purchased, rented, leased, or in any way bought from a third party.
  This includes email addresses that you purchased  via coregistration.
* Post irrelevant links to your website in discussion forums, newsgroups, social websites individuals or groups or classifieds sites like Craigslist, Backpage.
* Send Unsolicited email through a third party service in order or software in order to get people to sign up to your AIOP Teambuild page or your AIOP Teambuild Duplicated personalized page, using AIOP, the All In One Profits autoresponder managed email list, services or affiliate site.
This includes trying to get people to sign up on  a team page or an AIOP web form that you have placed on your website OR trying to get them to email your AIOP autoresponder email address, or to visit a website that you market using our team pages and email marketing campaigns,,,,  or in any way. Including trying to get people to sign up on an AIOP web form that you have placed on your website OR trying to get them to email your to AIOP autoresponder email address.
SPAM is considered an unethical form of Internet advertising and is becoming illegal in more and more states. In addition, SPAM can incur substantial monetary fines from any of the providers through which SPAM is directed because of the time, resources and expense it can incur for business.
If you are  spamming, or trying to spam, using any of All In One Profits services :
Your account will be immediately terminated. No refunds.
You`ll be charged money if your spamming causes any interruptions in AIOP  ability to service other customers,
 If any of All In One Profits service or web site would be disrupted in anyway due to SPAM, the responsible party will be charged and billed $250.00 per hour  until the service is restored. Applicant may also be subject to legal action if appropriate.
AIOP might pursue legal action against you. (Spamming violates our service agreement.)
The sole opinion of All In One profits is ABSOLUTE in determining any and all SPAM violations.
Note: we don’t presume guilt. AIOP investigates all potential spam incidents thoroughly before making a decision. But once  a decision is made, AIOP  acts fast.
If you have received SPAM from a All In One client, please notify All In One Profits support team.